About Me - Valerie Blake

I am a sentimental person by nature so photography has always appealed to me. My dad bought me a vintage 35mm camera for my birthday one year and I immediately fell in love. I spent countless hours developing film in the darkroom of my high school and a local teen center. From that point on, I knew that photography was going to be a special part of me. I majored in media and communication at the University of Washington. I was most drawn to visual communication and the arts so the majority of my classes revolved around photography and video production. I graduated in 2016 with summa cum laude honors.

Shortly after, I decided to start my own business. I love sharing spaces with others and documenting their lives. I have found my bliss freezing time. I always strive to capture candid shots and encourage genuine connection during my sessions. I love for my clients to see themselves through my eyes, the beauty that lies in the way their kids laugh when they tickle them, or the way they light up when their partners wrap them in their arms. It is an absolute honor to preserve memories for others as time is so precious and fleeting.

When I am not behind the lens, you can find me treasure hunting in thrift stores, tending to my orchids, hiking our gorgeous trails and snuggling my kids. I love coffee and a good laugh, but most of all, I love that this is what I get to do.           

Valerie Blake Photography is a  licensed and insured business; you can have confidence that you are being taken care of by a true professional.